Ultimate Loyalty

I was on facebook today and a friend posted a video that made me cry.  Now I know I’m a weepy person in general but this one just made me so sad.  Watch it for yourself and witness true friendship, ultimate loyalty, and unconditional love.

You don’t have to speak Japanese, you don’t even need to have the volume on, the purity of this video touches your soul and speaks for itself.

I think we should all take a page out of that dog’s book.

Let me tell you a little story of someone that was a lot like that dog in the video.

I went through a dark time not too long ago, I can pretty much say I hit rock bottom a couple of times over the last year, I was surrounded by the shattered remains of what my life used to be.  I’m not sure where I would be or what emotional state I would be in if it wasn’t for her sitting by my side as I healed, God sent me someone to look after me like that dog in the video.

After my divorce I was pretty shaken up.  I wasn’t quite sure who I could talk to or where I should go from here, I was lonely I had all of the love and support from family and friends and I was still very alone.  I prayed ever night for God to help me to get me out of this darkness.

I had been looking for a puppy for quite some time, I really missed having a dog.  My last dog Dixie was the world’s best listener and friend to me and I wanted to make sure that the next dog I found would live up to what Dixie was for me. Then when I was “at lunch” at work I was looking through Petfinder.com and that is when I found her.  They named her Sunny and she was the light in the darkness I had asked God for.  Immediately I called and asked if she was still available and had my mom and Kraig go look at her.  They brought her home the next day and even though I had not yet met her I was in love.

After finally moving out into my own place I got to bring her home.  I renamed her Knala and we began to bond.  I don’t think I could have ever asked for a better puppy.  After a tough day at work, she would be there waiting for me and do something that would make me laugh.  When I was sick and felt so completely alone she would curl up on my chest and sigh her big sigh, letting me know that everything was going to be ok.  When I was super happy she would reflect my happiness in her little helicopter tail that spins when she gets super happy.  She stood by my side.

After being with me for a couple of weeks she quickly mad a boyfriend in Monty, who is a Dalmatian that is twice the size of her and brought me together with his owner Kim.  Kim has been a great friend whenever I need someone to talk to she’s there.  She too had been through a divorce recently and her and I regaled each other with healing stories that brought us closer.

Kim once hit the nail on the head, she said, “Knala, you always bring a little bit of sunshine when I need it the most.”  It couldn’t be more true.  I faithfully believe that God brought Knala into my life to teach me friendship, show me what love truly is, and stay by my side in the darkest of times.

I know that many may say that she is just a pet, just a dog.  To you I say you’re missing out, we could all learn a little from “man’s best friend”.


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