Chasing tail…

Okay, before you all get gross thoughts in your head I would like to clarify.  This post is about Knala chasing squirrels, and now that you have figured out that this post is not about “chasing tail” you can stop reading you perverts ;0)

As the weather starts to warm up it makes running more enjoyable and it seems as though it causes the squirrels to come out of the woodwork!

I have to add my running partner makes it very difficult to run when every five feet she has either decided to stalk a squirrel, that quite clearly has no idea she’s coming for it, or take off after one coming within just inches of its furry tail.  On Saturday I think Knala came the closest she has ever been to catching one and I thought to myself what would she do if she actually caught the darn thing?  Pictures popped in my head of toys that are long gone laying in tatters all over my apartment floor.

What would be more entertaining for her the chase or the capture?

Then today as we were returning from our run she got quite close to catching another one and was staring it down as it ran up the tree and perched on the branch directly above my head and chattered at us waiving its bushy tail, tantalizing Knala.  Then I was very frightened of the squirrel directly above me, yes, Knala is the one chasing it, but I am the larger target for any sneak attack it was planning in that little squirrel head of his.  So I quickly pulled Knala away and kept my eyes peeled for any more of his furry friends before they had a chance to ambush me.

So even though I get a lot of entertainment out of watching Knala chase and stalk the squirrels, karma does have a way of getting back at you and I don’t plan on standing underneath any squirrels to find out what that would entail.


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