Serious God Moment!

So I was sitting in church today and I was thinking to myself, as I was singing along to the music, that I would really like to join the choir some day.  I like singing, granted I’m not the best singer but God speaks to me through music and I truly enjoy it.  Then church was ending and everyone was leaving and just as I turned around one of the ladies from the choir was standing right behind me and said to me “we want you to join the choir”.

My church is pretty big and I’m sure there is no way that they could actually hear me singing, unless I was singing like the girl in Prancer was, and if I was they wouldn’t ask me to join.

But she introduced herself and then dragged me over to meet the music director and some other gals.  I couldn’t help myself from smiling.  God truly hears your every thought.  Amazing!


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  1. Jan C.
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 15:17:42

    That’s pretty cool. Speaking from experience, if she wanted you to join the choir, she could hear you, and she thought you had a darned good voice. I’ve done that a couple of times, and believe me I don’t ask everyone to join the choir–just the ones who can carry a tune and actually seem to put their heart into singing with the congregation! I hope you do join. It’s really fun, keeps you focused during the service so your mind doesn’t wander off, and it’s a great way to minister to other people in the congregation. Every hymn is a prayer set to music!


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