“Dead End”

What do you do when your driving down the road thinking that it is leading you somewhere great and then you reach a big yellow “Dead End” sign?

Logically you turn around right?  Let your GPS ‘recalculate’?

What do you do when you are going through life and its going really great so many new possibilities are opening up and you think you are heading in the right direction and then you get to the big yellow “Dead End” sign?  Of course your not going to physically see the dead end sign but what if you feel like things have just stalled out and you are just sitting there at the end of the road trying to figure out how do I get to the great destination you imagined.

Today in church Pastor Young spoke about “Dead Ends” and how they are just a great new adventure in faith.  He discussed his memories about the “Dead End” sign at the end of his street and how his kids and himself had great adventures beyond the sign, in the woods, camping, hiking, playing, imagining, laughing.  He said that even though you have come across a “Dead End” sign it doesn’t mean its over and instead of just turning around and finding another way around you should take the leap and take an adventure in faith, continue on beyond the “Dead End”.

This weekend I went to one of my best friends weddings and of course it started the wheels turning in my head.  I have an incredible man in my life and I know there is a definite future for the two of us but no matter which way I turn I keep running into a “Dead End”.  We both really want the opportunity to be closer to each other so we can give our relationship an opportunity to grow but the big yellow sign pops up and we are back at square one.  I know I have to be patient but its so difficult when you feel so alone.

So naturally I find myself at a “Dead End” and I’m asking what now?

Lord, I thank you for the many blessings in my life and I look forward to all of the blessing you have in store for me.  I look to you Lord now when I have come across a “Dead End” and I put myself in your hands.  I am ready to take an adventure in faith and go beyond the “Dead End” sign that blocks my path.  I look forward to what you have planned for me and Brian.  Help us to be patient and use your love and our love  to fill us when we feel most alone. Amen.


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