“Small World”

It’s funny some times when you say one thing and then realize it’s not that way after all.

For example today a friend of mine messaged me on facebook and asked how I knew someone I had just added as a friend.  I called her up and found out that she is super close friends with him and his brother just married one of my best friends over the weekend.  I said to her, “its a small world isn’t it?”

But as I was retelling this story to my boyfriend, and mentioned to him that it’s a small world, he replied with, “sometimes” and it put it all in perspective.

My boyfriend Brian is in San Antonio, Texas and I am of course in Cleveland, Ohio.  Not too far right?  Well when you love someone as much as we do 1,400ish miles can be worlds away, and that is exactly how we have felt lately.  I think anyone that has been in a long distance relationship can attest to this, such a small distance can seem so insurmountable.

So in a situation such as this how can it be such a small world but feel so big at the same time?  It’s like the jumbo shrimp they sell at the grocery store completely contradictory when put in perspective.


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