Job… as in the man from the Bible

If you have not yet read the book of Job in the Bible, you should do so.  As parts of it were read in church today I was shocked that God would allow Satan to do these things to Job.  When I got home I finished reading about Job I thought to myself what great friends Job has to try and help him out of his trouble times.  But as I read further they all seemed as they new more than God himself and this bothered me, it took a younger man to put them in their place and then God himself to rebuke Job for the things that he said.

This story shows me that things on earth are about as worthless as a screen door on a submarine and that if we do not remain faithful in the Lord our God who created the heavens and the earth, who brings light to our darkness, and rain to our fields, we are nothing as well.

We are all so quick to condemn God when things go wrong but are we as quick to praise Him for those things that are worthy of praise or do we credit ourselves for these things.  We do not know what God has planned for us but we must rely on Him because He knows all and sees all, He will never lead us astray.  We must all remember that He will always know more than we do, and we must trust in him.


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