ZuZu’s Petals

When you live alone and have nothing to do you tend to think a lot.  It’s not a bad thing entirely but some times the things I come up with are hard to get my mind around.

For example have you ever thought about how your presence in someone else’s life changed the course of their life?  I know very It’s A Wonderful Life.  But I challenge you take a moment and think about that.  Some times when I’m down or a little depressed I think about the people I have come across in my life and if I made a difference in their lives (I know very egocentric) but wouldn’t it be sort of neat to call up Clarence and see what life would have been like?

No worries out there I’m not standing at the edge of the bridge sniveling like George Bailey, I’m quite content with my life, I just recently spoke to someone who changed my whole perspective on this topic.  I was someone to this person, someone more important that I would have ever thought.


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  1. Kimberlee Orinoco
    Aug 21, 2011 @ 20:17:58

    I for one can not tell you how much you changed my life. My life would not be the same….you have brought much happiness and great friendship to me! I am very grateful our paths have crossed.


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