Keep turning the page…

I had a interesting thought, or series of thoughts, as I completed the last book of the Wings series by Aprilynne Pike and I thought I would share them with you.

I’m alway bummed and maybe even depressed when I finish a series that has me turning pages like a mad women and bouncing in my chair waiting for the next book to be released.  The world that you have been immersed in for maybe years is suddenly gone, the characters will no longer exist, the ending is final, and you are left with an empty feeling wanting more.  It almost gets to the point where I almost don’t want to pick up another book because I’m afraid it wont even compare to what I have just completed.  But then I hear murmurs of excitement, or perhaps just my mother asking me to read a book before she releases it to her students, to open up a new book and start the journey all over again.

I meet new characters, explore unknown worlds, and live each moment as the story unfolds.  Sometimes the next book, or series of books, doesn’t compare to what I had previously finished, but I get to experience a whole new world created by someone I have never met before.  What incredible creativity and skill goes into making such wonderful masterpieces.  That is what makes me keep turning the pages and picking up new books because you never know that next book you pick up could be just as fabulous or even more fabulous than the one before.

After this thought my mind began to wander to the new chapters that are coming up in my life.

Change is always hard to deal with no matter who you are, it all depends on how you view the change.  Your life is much like an incredible book series, you continue to turn the pages to see what God has in store for you next.  But then God throws a curve ball and one series ends, maybe it’s the perfect ending you were looking for or maybe the ending leaves you broken.  But just because that series, or part of your life, ended it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick up another book and try it out.  Just like the authors of the books I read, God has incredible creativity and skill that he uses to create his own masterpieces.  If you refuse to pick up another book, or follow another path in life, because you are to scared or nervous that you might not like what it has to offer, you miss out on some incredible experiences.

You will never pick up a book that is one happy chapter after another.  There is always some sort of hardship or pain that the characters have to go through to find what it is that they are searching for, and that is true for life as well.  There are some chapters in my life that hurt like hell, and other chapters that I wouldn’t re-write for anything in the whole world, but no matter the ending of the series I will continue to pick up another book because I never know what new and incredible thing will happen among the pages I have yet to turn.


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