Be a life giver

In my line of work I see all sorts of people.  The poor, the rich, rude, kind, young, old, life givers and life suckers.

Not familiar with the last couple?

There are those people in your life who constantly suck the life out of you with their negativity, their pessimistic attitudes, or wasteful lifestyles.  Then there are those people who lift you up and give you a new outlook on life with their warm smiles, positive attitudes, and happy outlook on life.

I often wonder how some people, mainly the life suckers, can get out of bed in the morning.  If I was like them there would be nothing to get up for especially if everything or everyone you came in contact with upset you or didn’t do something your way.  What a horrible way to live through life.  You’ll find that if you surround yourself with these types of people that you will feel like you are missing out on life or having life sucked from you.

Then there are those other people who get bad news after bad news and still put a smile on their face and a positive attitude in their hearts.  I work with an incredible gentleman, great family man and faithful man, who has been dealt a rough hand, but still continues to amaze me with his positive outlook, sense of humor, and faith.  A couple of months back he was diagnosed with cancer, and it seems like over the next couple of months he’s been given bad news after bad news yet he still comes in with a smile on his face every morning to work.  My heart nearly broke this morning though when I turned on my computer and I had an email in my inbox titled, “I don’t mean to bother you again…” he received more bad news, an MRI showed three new spots in his brain that were in need of immediate attention, yet he still came into work.  He looked a little defeated today but he still laughed and joked with us.  Bob, is the type of person I want to surround myself with, Life givers.  So thank you Bob, for the new lease on life you have given me, you have shown me that the little bumps in life don’t matter its family and friends and the experiences we have with those we love that matter.

I will continue to pray for Bob, and I ask you all for your prayers as well.  Thank you God for bringing so many life givers into my life so that I may see the true wonder of your meaning for our lives.


No longer just thoughts on a napkin

For those of you that really know me, you are aware that I have some pretty crazy dreams, really, really weird dreams.  Up until now I’ve just typed them up in random word documents titled Dream 1, Dream 2, etc… well now I finally get to say I’m writing a book!  I’ve had an idea for the past 6 months that has really captured me, so much so that I find myself feverishly typing random thoughts in my iNotes on my iPhone, throughout the day.  Recently though I’ve gotten stuck and can’t figure out where to go from here, but I think I finally had my “Aha” moment and feel a little more confident in myself.

Tonight I attended a “writing clinic” at the Porter Public Library, given by a local author Natalie Palmer.  Before attending I read her book, Second Kiss, and I was amazed at how well it was written, as I looked more into who she was I discovered that she was not much older than I was and that her background and personality was much like mine, at that moment she sort of became an inspiration to me.  If she could do it so can I.   Shortly after I finished her book I read another book called Divergent, written by Veronica Roth.  It was incredible!  What a unique idea and so well written.  As I flipped to the back flap of the book there was a picture of Veronica staring back at me and she was so young!  I googled her and I found out she was 22 YEARS OLD!!!! Three years younger than me and already published an incredible book that was getting rave reviews.  How incredible and inspiring these two young women are to be so accomplished and to do something that they set their heart and mind to.

After attending the “writing clinic” tonight I now have a rekindled fire inside me to take my thought on my “napkin” and make it real, bring my book to life.  I can’t thank these two women enough for giving me that proverbial kick in the pants to get me going again with my writing, I’m sure they don’t know they have done this and they may never know but when I finish my first book I’m going to make sure and save two spots in the credits for them.

Enough rambling for one night.  I just wanted to share my excitement with you all and now I am done.  Definitely check out the books below you wont be disappointed!

Second Kiss by Natalie Palmer Fantastic Read!


Divergent by Veronica Roth

Great book can't wait for the next one ;0)

“Small World”

It’s funny some times when you say one thing and then realize it’s not that way after all.

For example today a friend of mine messaged me on facebook and asked how I knew someone I had just added as a friend.  I called her up and found out that she is super close friends with him and his brother just married one of my best friends over the weekend.  I said to her, “its a small world isn’t it?”

But as I was retelling this story to my boyfriend, and mentioned to him that it’s a small world, he replied with, “sometimes” and it put it all in perspective.

My boyfriend Brian is in San Antonio, Texas and I am of course in Cleveland, Ohio.  Not too far right?  Well when you love someone as much as we do 1,400ish miles can be worlds away, and that is exactly how we have felt lately.  I think anyone that has been in a long distance relationship can attest to this, such a small distance can seem so insurmountable.

So in a situation such as this how can it be such a small world but feel so big at the same time?  It’s like the jumbo shrimp they sell at the grocery store completely contradictory when put in perspective.

“Dead End”

What do you do when your driving down the road thinking that it is leading you somewhere great and then you reach a big yellow “Dead End” sign?

Logically you turn around right?  Let your GPS ‘recalculate’?

What do you do when you are going through life and its going really great so many new possibilities are opening up and you think you are heading in the right direction and then you get to the big yellow “Dead End” sign?  Of course your not going to physically see the dead end sign but what if you feel like things have just stalled out and you are just sitting there at the end of the road trying to figure out how do I get to the great destination you imagined.

Today in church Pastor Young spoke about “Dead Ends” and how they are just a great new adventure in faith.  He discussed his memories about the “Dead End” sign at the end of his street and how his kids and himself had great adventures beyond the sign, in the woods, camping, hiking, playing, imagining, laughing.  He said that even though you have come across a “Dead End” sign it doesn’t mean its over and instead of just turning around and finding another way around you should take the leap and take an adventure in faith, continue on beyond the “Dead End”.

This weekend I went to one of my best friends weddings and of course it started the wheels turning in my head.  I have an incredible man in my life and I know there is a definite future for the two of us but no matter which way I turn I keep running into a “Dead End”.  We both really want the opportunity to be closer to each other so we can give our relationship an opportunity to grow but the big yellow sign pops up and we are back at square one.  I know I have to be patient but its so difficult when you feel so alone.

So naturally I find myself at a “Dead End” and I’m asking what now?

Lord, I thank you for the many blessings in my life and I look forward to all of the blessing you have in store for me.  I look to you Lord now when I have come across a “Dead End” and I put myself in your hands.  I am ready to take an adventure in faith and go beyond the “Dead End” sign that blocks my path.  I look forward to what you have planned for me and Brian.  Help us to be patient and use your love and our love  to fill us when we feel most alone. Amen.

Veggin’ Out

Well it’s officially been a month since I’ve stopped eating meat, and I have to say I feel great!  No more overstuffed feeling or drowsy after meal sensation and what’s better is that I know what I am putting into my body.  Thanks to my brother and Skinny Bitch and Skinny Bitch in the Kitch, I’m being smart about making the switch.

For the first couple of weeks I tried out new “safe” recipes, that consisted of mostly veggies, pasta, rice, beans, and fruit.  Then the last couple of days I decided to buy a few “fake” meat products and try them out.  One of my customers said that you have to remember that they aren’t turkey or bacon they are substitutes so they aren’t going to taste like them.  But the “facon” or fake bacon is deeelish!

She was right they don’t taste like them but they aren’t all bad, they smell a little funky, but not too shabby.

I have also started my second week of Jazzercise.  I was hesitant about Jazzercise at first.  I remember it being a huge fad back in the early ’90s and haven’t heard much of it since.  But let me tell you it kicks your butt!

All in all, I’m feeling pretty good, and lets say I’m doing everything but Veggin’ out.

Serious God Moment!

So I was sitting in church today and I was thinking to myself, as I was singing along to the music, that I would really like to join the choir some day.  I like singing, granted I’m not the best singer but God speaks to me through music and I truly enjoy it.  Then church was ending and everyone was leaving and just as I turned around one of the ladies from the choir was standing right behind me and said to me “we want you to join the choir”.

My church is pretty big and I’m sure there is no way that they could actually hear me singing, unless I was singing like the girl in Prancer was, and if I was they wouldn’t ask me to join.

But she introduced herself and then dragged me over to meet the music director and some other gals.  I couldn’t help myself from smiling.  God truly hears your every thought.  Amazing!

Chasing tail…

Okay, before you all get gross thoughts in your head I would like to clarify.  This post is about Knala chasing squirrels, and now that you have figured out that this post is not about “chasing tail” you can stop reading you perverts ;0)

As the weather starts to warm up it makes running more enjoyable and it seems as though it causes the squirrels to come out of the woodwork!

I have to add my running partner makes it very difficult to run when every five feet she has either decided to stalk a squirrel, that quite clearly has no idea she’s coming for it, or take off after one coming within just inches of its furry tail.  On Saturday I think Knala came the closest she has ever been to catching one and I thought to myself what would she do if she actually caught the darn thing?  Pictures popped in my head of toys that are long gone laying in tatters all over my apartment floor.

What would be more entertaining for her the chase or the capture?

Then today as we were returning from our run she got quite close to catching another one and was staring it down as it ran up the tree and perched on the branch directly above my head and chattered at us waiving its bushy tail, tantalizing Knala.  Then I was very frightened of the squirrel directly above me, yes, Knala is the one chasing it, but I am the larger target for any sneak attack it was planning in that little squirrel head of his.  So I quickly pulled Knala away and kept my eyes peeled for any more of his furry friends before they had a chance to ambush me.

So even though I get a lot of entertainment out of watching Knala chase and stalk the squirrels, karma does have a way of getting back at you and I don’t plan on standing underneath any squirrels to find out what that would entail.

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